So I’m placing myself in the penalty box at the mothership indefinitely.

I suppose it was inevitable something like this would happen.  Maybe it’s a function of my life over the past year, or the way things are in general, or…I don’t know.  When everyone forces you to care about their thing, you start finding it hard to care about anything.  Fatigue and resentment build.

Eventually, as happens, you wind up hurting someone you didn’t want to.  The flip side to which is that the other person also had agency, could also have bothered to think about what was actually being said, and not demanded their pain be brought front and center and take precedence over you.

We’re all so immersed in the whole victimization culture it happens without us realizing it, I think.  And so we get tense, and we snap, and we isolate ourselves and each other because we’re tired of dealing with it.

Part of me would apologize.  But part of me is tired of being the only one held to that standard.

So it goes, in 2017.